co op

  1. T

    Gaming Looking For Collabs (Minecraft)

    I play Minecraft and some others that I can't say, I mostly play on, and I am making a new server, a factions server.
  2. mumblez207

    Gaming PS4 collaboration?

    Hey everyone I am looking for people to Collab with playing one of the following games/gamemodes: Call of Duty WWII: Multiplayer (TDM, DOM, partygames) Call of Duty WWII/Infinite Warfare (Zombies) FarCry5 (arcade/co-op) Fortnite Rainbow Six Siege Battlefront 2 Ghost Recon Wildlands Battlefront...
  3. ethanharm

    Vlog Looking for young youtubers in Chicago area.

    I'm 16 and looking for some people who are excited and motivated to make videos with me. You can check out my channel, at the time of posting this I have 240 subs. Must be in the same age range as me and good in front of the camera (obviously). Just for reference some of my favorite youtubers...
  4. CoolWizard22

    Gaming Looking for a collab partner

    Hi it's CoolWizard22 here. I've been away from my YT channel and looking at uploading again. I'm mostly going to be doing PC games or emulators, with possibly some DS. Going over what footage I have, I find that I have several bits of silence in my videos. So I figure that if I have someone to...
  5. Zethy

    Gaming looking for a collab partners!

    Okay here;s the beans. Oh right sorry got none. Either way I want someone to collaborate with Here's the rules. Fayz one (Games) GMOD Rocket league Unturned Gold with friends (I know but it gets good views) Being a d**k to cheap kid channels (I mean reviewing cringy channels) Fayz two(Two)...
  6. DrPretzel

    Gaming Looking to do a Collab video with anyone (PS4)

    Hey guys im looking for anyone that is willing to do a collab video on the PS4 with games like Overwatch, BO3, Battlefield 4. my PSN is DrPretzelMC. Please also take a look at my channel
  7. SeriousRave

    FIRST FACECAM CO-OP !! ∙ Serious and Rave Play: Among the Sleep ∙ Pt. 1 #Co-opWednesday!!

  8. FanoBelmont

    Gaming CoD: Black Ops III Weekend

    Hey guys! I am going to be binging on Black Ops III this weekend. My plan is to do some twitch streaming multiplayer and then edit that for a "best of" video for the first weekend of the game. Let me know if you wanna play together, I'd love to hang out and play with some youtubers that want to...