1. Frankline

    Didn't you have a similar case? Please give me some advice

    Hello my friends, Please help me... How can remove claimed song from my videos? I tried YouTube Editor to cut off the track and save but the claim still there. Could I dispute this claim? The claim song is at 27 minutes, I already cut off the video to 26 minutes.
  2. JLD

    Copyright Claims

    So I have a channel where I do football edits and I have several copyright claims on my channel. What does this mean? It says I don't need to worry if I'm fine with the conditions (no viewing restrictions and monetised by claimant) but what does this affect for my channel?
  3. SeanFace101

    Do i have to add Song Credits at end of my videos if YT Audio is used?

    If I use one or more of the audio tracks that are in the YouTube library in my video.. Do I have to put credits at the end of my video with the song title(s) and artist(s) ? :P
  4. T

    Suspect of false copyright claims

    Hello everyone! I keep getting manual copyright claims on one of my youtube channels on videos that are getting viral from a claimant called "Network Videos" . I can't see what minutes from the video is claiming copyright. And they are making money from my videos. I don't own the copyright for...