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  1. MZ-101

    Gaming Looking for one or two players to use as “actors” in Battlefield 1 (PC)

    I’m making a cinematic intro for a video on Battlefield 1. I’m about 75% done with it, but I can’t complete it, ‘cause the rest of the cinematic requires multiple characters. I need a couple of players to help me out with those last few scenes. So, if you play Battlefield 1 on PC, leave a...
  2. Vasokan

    Cinematic Style Of Telling This Story? (Inspired by Casey Neistat)

    I was not trying to copy Casey Neistat but he did inspire me to get into vlogging so its only fair to give him credit. You know that instance when you go to a parent teachers interview and they say a whole bunch of crap and when you ask them to give you and example they stare at you. Well this...
  3. Samuel Donner

    Just Hit 30 SUBSCRIBERS!

    I've been regularly posting for about 2 weeks now and I went from 6 subscribers to 30! I love putting out this content and the growth of my channel is motivating me to post even more :)
  4. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog #5 - Feedback Appreciated

    This is my 5th vlog and I speak in it. Feedback on what my strengths, weaknesses, and what I can improve on is much appreciated :)