1. mommoments

    5 Ways to connect to your child with ADHD

    11 Years. ELEVEN YEARS! I have been struggling to understand and connect with my son for 11 years and we have FINALLY found some common ground. Children with ADHD are often looked at by other children their age as different or odd. Sadly, many adults have these feelings as well if they have no...
  2. 3kidstv

    Racing Ejection Track Car Toy Play Set For Kids

    Please Subscribe To 3kidsTV YouTube Channel - Kid unboxing and play racing ejection track car toy play set for kids. Don't forget to subscribe! Follow us:- Facebook: Twitter:
  3. Leal

    Getting more views to old channel

    I have a youtube channel in the kids niche with about 4 Million Views and 8000 subscribers. The majority of the views came in the beginning of this year up to early summer, until I (unfortunately as I know now) changed the description and tags of one of my most successful videos which brought me...
  4. Captain Vernon

    HELP!! New Playing and Learning Channel Advice Needed!

    Help!!! We posted our first video 1 month ago. Posted 3 more (including channel trailer) since and stuck at 57 subs and 410 views. Watched 1000 hours of how to reach 10,000 views videos and read articles about how to promote your channel but they pretty much all say the same thing. Create...
  5. kjhiskett

    Other Toy Channel

    Hello, We are about 2 months into our Youtube channel and we are looking to see if any other Toy Channels would like to collaborate with us? We create videos playing with toys, especially animal themed toys (paw patrol, furreal friends, etc). Not sure how this works, but it would be great to...
  6. Star Children


    Hello! My name is KSwische and I am a 20 year old youtuber who has just begun a new collaboration whisper/ASMR gaming channel called Star Children! It's one of the first of its kind and it should be very exciting to see where we all go. We're looking for individuals with amazing attitudes and...
  7. Storytime Pup

    Other Looking for collaborators for children's channel. Target audience ages 2-7.

    Hi folks! My name is Bill McManus and I am the creator of the Storytime Pup Channel. It is a channel featuring our lovable and larger than life Storytime Pup, who reads children's books to kids. I am currently working with over 100 Children's Book Authors. It is a very positive...
  8. KidsCorner

    Kids channel toys, what do you do with them?

    As the title says, what do you do with the toys for your children channel after you shot the video? I try not to give them to my kids so that they don't become spoiled. Trying to seperate youtube toys from presents for them. I found out already that it's hard forthem to seperate and they love...
  9. FamilyToyReview

    Comic Con for Kids

    Hello Everyone. We went to comic con and made a video for our kids toy channel about it. This was our first time going to comic con and there was just way too much to capture in a video. There were a lot of toys and fun people.
  10. hcetiny

    My first video - Animal Sounds for Children

    So here is the story behind my YouTube channel and my first video: My daughter Pia loves animals and is currently learning their names and sounds. I wanted to show her the real animals and their sounds on YouTube, but I couldn't find a proper video with real footage. All are with pictures or...
  11. Dice Rollen

    Top 13 Disturbing Toys

    There are a lot of weird toys out there, but these are some of the most disturbing.
  12. Dice Rollen

    Let's Talk Nostalgia | TV Show-Part 2

    Part 2 of my list of shows that I remember watching when I was a kid.