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  1. L

    Gaming Hey, My name is Lost uh-dur XD

    ... sorry. So you may be wondering why your reading this... to be honest bro i don't know why either XP. Here's one reason I have a Youtube Channel That I dream to grow way more further than than where im at right now. Now if you want to know my channel its called LostxKost if can check out a...
  2. javacentral

    How to make a mocha at home

    Nice little simple yet fun recipe. What do you think of the video as a whole? I tried out some new lighting and really kinda like it so far.
  3. javacentral

    Back from break and would love your thoughts on my latest video!

    Did a how to on frothing and steaming milk for coffee. I thought it was pretty quick and to the point and was pretty darn spiffy. What do you think?
  4. C

    Even I think my video is kinda weird

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to youtube, and I only started because I had a bunch of weird ideas for videos stuck in my head. I just decided to go for it, and that's how my first video was made. I'd love to get some feedback, here's the link: Thanks everyone.
  5. Sam Wolfie

    Gaming Channel Review

    Hey I've been making gaming videos for a while now it would be great if ya'll could check out my channel and give me some pointers on what I can do to make it better. Any type of criticism would be great. :help::)
  6. javacentral

    First collab ever, ft. Promice. Coffee talk!

  7. javacentral

    Review my latest video and I'll review yours!

    Made a wonderful cup of iced coffee with some interesting things mixed in. Will check out your latest video and tell you how it is as well!