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  1. Lachlan Hughes

    How to Create Effective Channel Trailer?

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post on this forum so please bare with me. I have recently launched my Youtube channel and am yet to create my Channel Trailer. Obviously, I want this to attract potential subscribers and keep them on my channel to watch and enjoy my videos. Can anyone provide...
  2. Rolz

    Another royalty free music channel!

    If you guys haven't already checked out Argofox music, it's a must :) Great royalty free music!
  3. Pedro Nascimento

    Why isn't my channel growing? Need Feedback!

    Hello guys, Thank you in advance for reading this. I do really need some HELP in here. I you guys could give me some feedback, some criticism would be very helpful. You can target my videos, channel branding, thumbnails, anything... I'm just looking for answers, perhaps you know why isn't my...
  4. KantoGaming

    Knowing if you are posting Quality Content?

    We all struggle with this. Or, at least I know I do. It's really hard to know if your videos are "good quality" . As far as editing, content, and just if the overall video is entertaining /interesting. SO! I think it would be a good idea to start a thread where you can comment what you...
  5. The Cold Abyss

    Free and Easy Ways to Make Channel Art, Thumbnails, etc.

    If you were wondering how to make channel art, channel icons, or thumbnails. Well look no further in this thread I will share with you what I have used to make my channel art etc...
  6. HyDraid

    Do you have tips for me?

    I just started my channel 1 week ago, at the moment I have 151 subscribers and 2 video's :) It would be great to get some feedback on the following: 1. Channel layout 2. Thumbnails 3. Editing, is it good, to much ? 4. Quality Thanks ^^
  7. FestusFX

    Let me check your channel!

    Well, If you need any tips or something? Leave a reaction and I will answer with some tips for your channel. I will give tips for: - Channel layout - Thumbnails - Editing - Tags Don't be shy and show me :)
  8. Kxmier

    Gaming YouTube Ps4 Colab ( Gtav , Rainbow 6 , Bo3)

    i'm 15 yrs old I have a Ps4 and i'm looking to collaborate with people current subs - 60 current views - 595 Email- Psn- Matrix_Central Games i have- Rainbow 6, Gtav, Bo3, The Division, BFH, and Minecraft (lol) Main Requirement - Must have above 50 Subs and decently...
  9. Kxmier

    Collaborating with each other.

    Does anyone with 50 subscribers or less and or more than 50 want to collaborate with me so we both could help each other out and gain subs or maybe even a group collab . It helps out your channel and mine massively , But other than that have an amazing day! xD
  10. MZ-101

    Unable to know why I'm not growing? (Give me your honest/brutal review)

    I'm Absolutely confused! I'm not really sure as to why my channel is not doing any good. I had one great advice that my videos are quite long but, other than that everyone keeps telling me that "My videos are great!", "Editing is solid!", "Quality video...!" which at first was very flattering...
  11. Shehzad

    DO's & DON'TS On YouTube - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    Giving you my tips from my own experiences and also from how the general YouTube community feels is right to do and don't on YouTube. Watch it if your starting out and need some quick pointers. This is not how to increase your views on YouTube. Comment below you own tips too.
  12. iVariety

    Would love a Channel Review

    Hey all! To make things short, I have been grwoing in subscribers (average around 3 a day) but my view count stays the same on most of my videos. I usually only get about 30-50 views per videos (small for my channel size). Also, I have had a video that hit 28k views and I am worried that all...