channel intro trailer

  1. TruVetCommando

    What makes a good gaming channel intro?

    Hi Everyone I am quite new to YT. What makes a good gaming channel intro? I tried to keep it short , with come of the gameplay from my actual games covering the genres covered on the channel.Please let me know your thoughts on my channel trailer.
  2. The Cold Abyss

    My Channel Introduction/ Trailer!

    Hello and welcome to my channel trailer! :wavespin: I am a fighting game fanatic. :help: So what better way to express this than a little montage of some awesome moments? :cool: I upload games like Mortal Kombat X and Street Fighter 5. I post combo tutorials, informative guides, gameplays, and...
  3. Lavinia Lahrese

    Request [Free] Intro to Channel

    Hey guys! Does anyone know of a really great place/person that can make preferably free/cheap channel intros? I would like one with music too- no longer than 3-5 seconds.. Thanks a milli!! :D