channel dead

  1. LiamK4

    Exams made me stop for a month and I'm trying to gain my viewers back

    So recently exams made me have to stop posting onto my channel because of revision/study so I lost a lot of viewers when i uploaded my first video back, and I'm gonna be uploading throughout the week and would love for some people to look at videos now or older ones and just tell me what I would...
  2. OliverAge24

    Is YouTube Ghosting / Shadow-Banning / Killing Channels?!?

    Hey everyone, I need your YouTube help! I took maybe 6-12 months off from YouTube. My videos previously were getting around 5,000 to 50,000 views from my 150,000 subscribers. Now, I returned on the 27th February this year, and have been doing weekly videos since then. I've increased the video...
  3. The Paranormal Scholar

    Channel collapsing in a week, blip?

    Hello, Our channel is almost a year and a half old. Recently we have been pushing to expand our growth. Over the past month and a half we have been making two videos a week which have all been received positively and our growth was good. However, last Friday we put up a video about occultism...
  4. ProjectJamesify

    Aaaaaaaaand my channel is dead again

    Has it ever happened to any of you guys? You're on a roll, perhaps you recently made a reboot, and things are going well! You're gaining views and subs, people are commenting on your videos and you're improving every day. But then all of the sudden, the views stop coming in. And you're no...