challenge videos

  1. ConnorGabbitus

    Vlog UK Midlands Vloggers... UNITE!

    HOOOWWW DOOO?! Hey everyone, Just wondering how many vloggers are out there in the Birmingham/Worcestershire area that's either just starting out or found their feet that would like to collab. I'm a pretty small YouTuber with only 211 subscribers but I reckon if all us small people pull...
  2. The Challenge Lads


    Well... Not what you might expect! The lads show you their studio and also try and give information on all the gear they use!
  3. The Challenge Lads


    This was very fun It got weird for sure..
  4. M

    How many Subscribers do you have?

    I am new to this form, but I am not new to Youtube. Just want to see how many subscribers everyone has :) I have 2660 subscribers.
  5. J

    100 Challenges in 300 Seconds - Feedback?!

    Hey guys I just released a new video and would love some feedback! I don't normally do challenge videos so I figured I would make some sort of parody/extreme example on one. The goal of the video was to take these challenges that most youtubers know and turn them into micro-jokes. Was it...
  6. javacentral

    Took a challenge to find the worst store brand coffee I could find

    And man, it was rough! Not going to lie, I had some pretty crappy video. If there are any changes you think I could do, I'm open ears!
  7. javacentral

    Took a challenge to find the worst store brand coffees I could find

  8. javacentral

    Worst store brand coffee challenge

    So this challenge was horrible yet fantastic at the same time! I got to try a bunch of new to me coffee yet realize it's store brand coffee so I should be expecting the worst. Let me know what ya think of it!
  9. Winger94

    A special video for celebrating 100 videos created!

    Hello guys! I have no idea if this section is the right one but I created this video for celebrating my first 100 videos and, despite being a small milestone, I wanted to do something different for all the people who decided to stick with me. This challenge was really hilarious and I hope you...
  10. Steve and Jodi's Vlog

    Vlog Vlog or Challenge Video Collab

    Hello we are new to the forum and are interested in Collabing more. A little about us: We make, travel vlogs, day to day vlogs, tags and challenge videos We have been making videos since 2012 We are American but live in the Netherlands We have 5k subscribers and looking to grow and help others...