challenge video


    ALS Pinecone Bucket Challenge ! Very Funny !

    Decided to do the ALS pinecone bucket challenge today. With 3 buckets. This was funny and hilarious. I was covered in pinecones. This was inspired by the ALS ice bucket challenge. I would say this will be just about the best bucket challenge out there. Now I challenge you to try this challenge...
  2. B

    My First Video! - Satisfying or Infuriating Challenge! - MY FIRST VIDEO!

    Hello, I just uploaded my first video on my new channel! If you dont mind giving me some feedback. Hopefully you enjoy! Video link:
  3. DuncanT

    BLENDER DESTROYED | Sour Drink Challenge

    Hey guys, So this is my first video where I experiment with 2 different camera angles, I think it worked out very well! Please watch the whole video because I'm very proud of how it turned out :)
  4. javacentral

    Worst store brand coffee challenge

    So this challenge was horrible yet fantastic at the same time! I got to try a bunch of new to me coffee yet realize it's store brand coffee so I should be expecting the worst. Let me know what ya think of it!
  5. Carlos Samayoa

    I made an Egg roulette Challenge Video lol

    I was wondering if you had a minute to critic me on my most recent video?