1. GSO

    Voice Acting Serenade of Sorrow A Castlevania series fan Audiodrama

    Serenade of Sorrow A Castlevania series fan Audiodrama: or I also need Secondary scriptwriter audio...
  2. Cruzio Caesar

    Best Dracula origin story yet. Thank you CastleVania

    Hey guys, doing a cheeky montage of CastleVania lord of shadows. One of my favorite games, never buy the second one, it's such a let down, but the first MY GOD! Epic
  3. That BioMechanical Dude


    I have made a bunch of video game music covers... most of them are NES remakes, made with Famitracker. I hope you enjoy them! Daredevil Theme - NES Cover Arumana no Kiseki - NES Sountrack Cover (yes, this is a cover of the entire soundtrack) Duke Nukem 3D Theme - MMC5 Cover (the MMC5 was an...
  4. That BioMechanical Dude

    Obscure Room - Previous Reviews

    I do a show called Obscure Room, where I review obscure retro games. I just released the latest episode, but before I advertise it here, I thought you might want to take a look at some of the older episodes. Hope you enjoy! The episodes are listed in chronological order: Astyanax: Kick...