captain america

  1. BestNerdLife

    Captain America Shield Pixel Art!

    In this short sped-up time-lapse video I draw Captain America's Shield from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies using pixel art. Even though Iron Man has the best story arc, I will always be Team Captain America.
  2. Quick Question

    Who would win between Harry Potter, Goku, Darth Vader, Captain America and Tyler1?

    They're not just fighting for no reason they're trying to get a hot date with Jennifer Lopez. This question is super random I know, but it was asked by one of my viewers and so it must be answered. Let me know what you think? Improvements, suggestions, comments anything helps! Comment your...
  3. WeegieMovies

    Disney PAYING Critics!?

    Over the last wee while, Disney have been getting accused of paying off critics to trumpet their movies, especially Marvel ones, and actively negate other rival studios' franchises, such as Batman vs Superman and the upcoming X - Men: Apocalypse. In this video, I discuss these allegations, and...
  4. WeegieMovies


    Hey guys! Check out my review of Captain AMerica: Civil War. Is this the best Marvel movie to date? I think it might just be! What about you? Are you Team Cap or TeamIronMan?
  5. JacobofArabia

    SPIDER MAN SUCK MY a**.avi - Civil war #2

    Spider man suck my a** civil war trailer #2 nice spider man civil war meme you got therr guys thought i'd jump in and add onto to that ;) Enjoy! ;D