1. dweebie

    Is an AdWords campaign a good thing for a channel?

    I'm just curious to know any of your experiences with AdWords campaigns. I'm not entirely sure if it's something worth doing, or if too many people click away and your money is going to waste. Something I'm considering, but I know in the past (before I started creating content) I never clicked...
  2. KTP

    Setting up to launch a adword campaign - and consulting?

    Hi everyone, This forum has been so eye opening in learning how strategic building a youtube channel is. I really did think you just upload and wait...In many ways, I am relieved that there is a strategy to it all. After reading some of the posts, I am thinking that I need to start a campaign...
  3. Mr Danny

    Campaign Slogans

    I love democracy, I love pancakes, but most of all, I LOVE CAMPAIGN SLOGANS! They're fun. Don't believe, you cynical anarchist? Fine. Watch this video. We'll see whose ideals wins.
  4. Surrendead

    Showboating Vikings - For Honor Campaign Part 1.5

    Chapter 1.5 of the knights storyline, so far its been really fun! Hope everyone enjoys watching as much as it was to make
  5. Surrendead

    THIS TROLL BRIDGE GUARD - For Honor Campaign Part 1.4

    Hope you guys enjoy this small series of for honor campaign so far, let me know what you think of the campaign as well!
  6. Surrendead

    For Honor Campaign Part 1.3

    Campaign 1.3 for the For Honor series, hope you guys enjoy this episode!
  7. Surrendead

    For Honor - Campaign Part 1.2

    Let the AI pub stomp begin
  8. Surrendead

    For Honor - Campaign Playthrough Part 1.1

    Starting a new series for full playthrough of campaigns. Starting off with the newly released for honor!
  9. Hashtag10

    #Where can i promote efficiently?

    Hey guys. I've read some of the post on this thread and i'm struggling with the same problems as you. I'm struggling with my low audience, retention time, subscribers, s****y PC for which i made a Indigogo campaign, and so on. I'm really struggling but i dont wanna quit. I love doing this...
  10. Mr.raspberryxd

    CONOR MCGREGOR BEAT MY @SS!! [Call of duty: Infinite warfare campaign]

    yoooo guys call of duty campaign is so hot they got conor mcgregor, flat booties, and hella explosions! XD sh!t was fire!!!
  11. Surrendead

    Battlefield 1 Campaign Full Play Part 2 "Friends in High Places

    Hi everyone! This is a taste of my commentary while playing through the battlefield 1 campaign, I try to keep talking to a minimum during the cutscenes, so let me know what you guys think of the commentary, thanks!
  12. Ghostnova

    Has anyone experimented with YouTube Promotions?

    So I've dabbled with the promotion feature directly from YouTube a little and I gained some views but not really many subs. One video I featured got up to 6k views but 1 or 2 Subs, this cost me around 100 bucks to run this campaign. I'm wondering has anyone found success using this feature? If...