1. MAGnify

    Request [FREE] CS:GO Animations

    Hey everyone, i'm looking for someone to help me set up some pretty awesome thumbnails for my videos. I use Photoshop well, and that's not the issue. But i'd love for someone to stay dedicated in helping me set up some CS:GO character animations to put on my thumbnails. For awhile, this will be...
  2. Mechton

    Finished/Closed Free High Quality Graphics! (C4D) (Photoshop)

  3. RavenHD_YT

    Request [FREE] I Need A C4D Intro For Free

    Hi my name is Raven and i am a youtuber that started 6 days ago , during those 6 days i am growing fast and already have 7 subs.The Intro i currently use is blender and i am looking for a c4d one because c4d intro's are much better and i want my channel to be the best quality possible.Here are...