1. Justin Bernardino

    Video Ideas

    Would you guys be interested in videos in which I talk about personal stories to help inspire and make people happy? I'll also try to do something different and bring guest people and get them to share their own stories too so people can hear others stories
  2. Courtney Candice

    Teachers hated me I was bullied part 2

    This part two. I wasn’t only bullied by students but I was also bullied by teachers.
  3. Courtney Candice

    Teachers bullied me I was bullied part two

    This is the second part of the video of me talking about how I was bullied part, this time I talk how about how I was bullied by my teachers I had in high school
  4. Cybrohazard

    If you like cyber bullying, you'll love my channel!!

    Hey everyone, I do a series on my channel called Facebook Cancer, you should check them out. If you like them subscribe for more!
  5. HelloIAmBiddy


    Hello guys! Long time reader but don't post much. Soooooo I kept my channel a secret for a long long time, mostly down to the fact i'm part of a group of friends that are considered 'cool' we all played football for professional teams growing up but i'm a nerdy guy really. I've done computing...
  6. J

    How to Get Suspended From School

    Hey! Just uploaded a story time video where I talk about a time I got in a 'fight' with a grade school bully. Check it out! Thanks.
  7. Becky Keegan

    The YOU Collaboration||Episode 1: Bullying

    Welcome to the first episode of The YOU Collaboration! Today we talk about Bullying, what it is defined as, specific experiences and we talk to the bullies out there directly. This collaboration is, as the name suggests, to help YOU, with certain personal issues you may face in life. Guys...