1. Stoner Gamer

    Pro Clubs Episode 2

  2. G

    Wanting to get my old deleted videos back!!! Please help

    So i use to do gaming videos when i was 12-13 about 4 years back. At one point in the time i was making videos youtube was going through a phase of deleting gaming videos/channels; I was one of those channels. Luckily i was able to get my channel back however not the videos. Anyway, now,3-4...
  3. vMinti

    The number of comments (bug?)

    So, I've uploaded a montage of mine. And there's 6 comments on that video. All good, all nice. But whenever I go to Creator's Studio, it shows that it has a total of 10 comments. I'm a fresh youtuber here and it's quite confusing for me. Is this some kind of bug, or am I missing something? :x
  4. timmus

    YouTube keeps resetting my time zone

    I've had this problem for the past year on my channel and so far it's my biggest problem. When I set the time zone (circled in yellow below) everything is fine and I can schedule my livecast properly. However within a few days YouTube "loses" this setting and it keeps going back to Pacific...
  5. ChildBeard

    YouTube taking away views!

    Has anyone else had the same problem where they upload a video and you check how many views it has and then a couple of days later you've lost 30 odd views on the same video? I'm also losing subs whenever I upload. What the hell is going on?!
  6. S

    Has YT fixed the subscribers list?

    I noticed it when a bunch of names disappeared from the subscribers list (youtube.com/subscribers) but the sub count stayed the same. Apparently the page is now doing what it says at the top: "Only subscribers who share their subscriptions publicly are shown." That used to be the case except...
  7. AuthorFilms Studios

    MAJOR YouTube bugs and glitches! [HELP]

    I've been a bit inactive on my youtube channel over the past few weeks. YouTube has not been letting me upload videos and it crashes, bugs out and freezes, and my After Effects would not render. I've been unable to change my channel banner and profile image as I'm trying to finally updating it...
  8. Mattaxol

    Channel grew from 0 subs to 1k subs out of nowhere?

    Can someone please explain this? Someone who recently joined my High School (College in NZ) gave me his channel and his Skype, but he had like 7 videos and very very low views, and quite low quality, so I was suspicious how he just had 1,000 Subscribers. I check his SocialBlade and I find...
  9. Predonum

    Video Views bug?

    Hey, Is there any knows bug in youtube about the amount of views on a video? Cuz i just went from like 150 views to 2600 views on one video over a night. and from 70 to 2400 on another video in the same time. I did uber share thoose videos on forums, social media and such as much as i can...
  10. Ava Toy Show

    Can't respond to some comments

    Hi guys, I've had a problem for a long time where I can't respond to some video comments on our videos. I thought it went away for a bit, but today I went through and started replying and encountered it a lot. When you Google this issue you get lots of stuff about an old problem with Google+...