1. ucandp

    Vlog Western NY or Ontario Canada Collab

    Hi! I am looking for comedy collabs or vlog collabs in Western NY or Canada from Niagara Falls to Toronto. My comedy channel has 192 subscribers My vlog channel has 23 subscribers
  2. ucandp

    Comedy Western NY or Ontario?

    Any Western New Yorkers that aren't to far from the border or Canadian side up to Toronto to collab? I have a comedy channel with 191 subscribers and a vlog channel with 23 subscribers. Either one! Working together as a community is how a lot of big Youtubers made it. Let's collab!
  3. Carissa

    Vlog Western New Yorkers Unite!

    Hi! My name is Carissa and I started vlogging and making skits a couple months ago. Is there anyone in Western New York who is a Youtuber? I haven't really found anyone yet!