1. E

    Alfie deyes vlog - electric scooter

    Hi guys, I just watched alfies new vlog and he talked about a new electric scooter he recently got. I've been thinking of getting one myself to get to work and uni cause I hate public transport lol. What are your opinions on his new gadget?
  2. Alfie Mann

    Vlog Brighton teen vlogger's hang out?

    Hey there everyone, my name is Alfie and on Saturday/Sunday I will be travelling to brighton... Anyone free to meet up and hang out and vlog and do some stuff... Just play games on the pier and create a fun vlog for all channels involved? I have a special thing happening at the end of...
  3. Lewis Knight

    5 Annoying things teachers do!!

    i uploaded a new video of annoying things that teachers do, could you give it a watch and let me know what you thinks :) Thank you!! :D
  4. Lewis Knight

    400 subscribers :D

    Just hit 400 subscribers with 6000 channel views :D
  5. Lewis Knight

    QnA and showing my YouTuber crush? :)

    Hey, Long story short, I'm bad at advertising myself and my videos but here's me trying :P I love making videos so much, i (try to) upload every sunday :D
  6. Curly&Clueless

    New Vlog - Collab with YTTALK

    Hey everyone, i recently came across a singer/songwriter on here by the name of Gina Tharin and i had to get in contact with her to get her on one of our vlogs! That moment has finally come and i am super proud of this vlog please check it out and show some love to Gina as well she is super...