1. N

    For you who would like some help with Youtube

    Hi there! For those of you that needs help with the more economical side of your youtube career i hope that i could be of some help! I would love to share this with you guys - Feel free to click on this link if you're interested ^-^- This is a guide for those that need or...
  2. M

    Help, im new here, and having trouble getting a question answered and I hope YTtalk can help!

    I am getting ready to release a new channel in the next couple day's and have not been able to find straight answer's to my question's anywhere. Even though this channel has not been released yet and has 0 subs, we are fortunate enough to have a brand donate product to us. We no that we have to...
  3. Spaceshipcontrol

    Using branded products

    Hey guys, I have a question. Am i actually allowed to use branded products in my videos? In my videos, sometimes I use food items like cans of sodas or bottles of milk. Those have logos and names of certain brands on it, for example Coca Cola or Monster Energy or EDEKA. Is it okay if I put this...
  4. xvancalashvili

    Video Monetization

    Hey guys what are the platforms YouTubers can monetize their videos on?