branding change

  1. MistyEmma

    Some Advice Please...?

    Hello... I've been doing YouTube for about 9 months now, but recently I've decided to change the direction of the channel to do more covers and music videos and rebrand. The question is, should I private my old videos (they have a fair amount of views, but they are tutorials and reviews and...
  2. AuthorFilms Studios

    MAJOR YouTube bugs and glitches! [HELP]

    I've been a bit inactive on my youtube channel over the past few weeks. YouTube has not been letting me upload videos and it crashes, bugs out and freezes, and my After Effects would not render. I've been unable to change my channel banner and profile image as I'm trying to finally updating it...
  3. Caitlin Rose

    Not comfortable using my last name :/

    I'm not really comfortable using my last name on YT (which is what I've been doing.) I rather use my given name (Caitlin Rose) but there is already a popular youtuber with that name, so it's a bit of a conundrum. I am trying to think of a username but have trouble coming up with something that I...
  4. SlimmmCali

    Original Channel Name Change Dilemma? (opinions needed!)

    Changing Original Channel Name? Which Name Sticks Out More? Thoughts? So I am new to Youtube and created my channel just last month. I have about 45-50 subscribers at the moment, and 2 videos. I've decided that I want to change my Youtube name because I no longer feel like the name I originally...