1. Justoshow

    Other Looking for creative people to brainstorm an animated series

    Hey everyone! Im looking for people to collaborate on brainstorming a new animated series I have in mind. I've done one before, but the mistake i made was writing it all alone. This time I'd prefer if I had some help. I already have the core story and characters, now i need help with the flow of...
  2. Matthew Autry

    Any Video Ideas??

    I am a vlogger, and i did really well in the first few months, then i hit a wall where i didnt want to create the same content over and over. You know?? get some variety in my channel. Anyone have any ideas??? Much Thanks, Matthew Autry
  3. javacentral

    New End Card (Outro)?

    So I've been thinking, I could really use a new outro. My current one is like a chalkboard on a dark wood background with my video link on the top left with Subscribe! written underneath and my social media sites on the right. The text is kinda chalk looking too. I'm thinking of keeping the same...
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