1. TheProfessionalhooligan

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with other youtubers to bring the community closer (Xbox One- Road to 400 Subs.)(BO4 and MW)

    Hello YTtalk community, This will be my first time posting or uploading here. I am looking to collaborate with other youtubers to help bring the community closer. I am a gaming channel looking to meet new content creators and gamers for the channel. I am aspiring to help and change one millions...
  2. ImVolce

    Gaming looking for people to rec funny moments with (ps4 only)

    Hi! my name is Volce and I do funny moments. I am looking for people who are funny and who mess around on video games there is a few requirements! *If you wanna contact me here is my discord! --> Im Volce#5796 #1 must have discord! - you must have discord so when we play we can all talk in a...
  3. ImVolce

    Gaming funny moment squad ps4 (discord)

    My name is Volce and i do funny moments on youtube i am looking for people who do the same but there is a few requirements #1 Must have discord #2 have a decent microphone #3 Must have a PlayStation 4 #4 must have Fortnite , RDR2 , and BO4 Contact me! YouTube - Im Volce Twitter - imvolce...
  4. Stoner Gamer

    Black Ops 4 Pack A Punch

  5. Jolttix

    Gaming Funny People for Black Ops 4 on PC!

    I recently got Black Ops 4 on PC and I'm just trying to find some cool people to record with. I want to record multi-player, zombies, and Blackout so if anyone is interested either add me on discord or Discord - Jolttix#2264 - JolttixYT#1152
  6. Dupylo

    Gaming Looking for People to Make Funny vids with, 16+, PS4

    my channel is called Dupylo, 2k atm, just want a few more friends who make yt vids and are serious about it w a good mic. 16+ PS4 if you will be playing Blackout that would be awesome. im 18 btw, my psn is Dupylo add me there or reply here, twitter @petedupylo peace.
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