bo3 collabs

  1. Y

    Gaming Collabs?? (Ps4)

    I'm looking for people to do collaborations with on games such as overwatch, gta 5, bo3. I don't care how old you are or how much subs you have, all i ask is for you to have a decent mic and to be funny and actaully talk. This could be a one time thing or it could be a long term thing where we...
  2. MoTuberGaming

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops 3 CollabS / No Sub Requirement

    Hey My name is MO and i have YouTube channel called Mo Tuber and i am 19 year looking for people who love to play black ops 3, i am level 1000 Prestige master and i love trolling so if you want to collaborate shoot me a Email Only : Thanks Here Is my YouTube Channel: MoTuber
  3. PuReClipz

    Gaming currently 916 subs PS4 collaboration Bo3

    What's going on guys looking for friends and exposure on youtube Mayne a grind squad or just other players in general hope to collab contact me if you have more or around same amount of subscribers. My twitter is Killerfl98
  4. FLYOX


    I can collab on FIFA 16, GTA V AND BO3. Dm me on YouTube or hit me up on here. I have a 68 subs and im 13 so as long as your relatively in the same age group as me and have a similar amount of subs, i'm down to collab!
  5. rassem zok (informTV)

    Gaming Fifa 16 collabs

    my friend and i are looking for awesome people to collab with ( mostly fifa) console: PS4 or PC games: Fifa 16, COD BO3, UFC 2, Rocket League... (and some more games) my skype: nabras0914 benefits of this collab: will help to grow age: between 13 and 18 must have: a decent mic, a decent...