1. Landen

    Including Bloopers In Videos - Annoying or Funny? (Poll)

    I have a theory. Everyone loves bloopers. It's why bloopers of every TV show and movie you know and love go viral. The simple "oh they're human too and make funny mistakes" factor is always enjoying to see. So I made the decision from the start of all my videos to include my filming bloopers...
  2. Samantha McLean

    Is this funny or not!!??

    I recently made it to one year on YouTube and i did a blooper video. i thought it was kinda funny and i wanted to add something different to the channel. it didn't get much views so now i'm thinking maybe its not that good. lemme know what you think and maybe how i can improve my content/...
  3. Samantha McLean

    1 Year on YouTube blooper video!!

    It's been one year since being on YouTube and i thought i'd do a funny blooper video to mark the occasion. i'd love to know what yo guys it funny does it suck!!??
  4. Zach S.

    Para-Normal Bloopers!

    Here we take you behind the scenes of Para-Normal. Be sure to go back and watch the original film. Thanks for watching and please be sure to leave a comment about what you thought about the short film or bloopers. Don't forget to like and subscribe as well :) Thanks! "The Show Must Be Go" Kevin...