1. The Red Panda

    Animation Animation Drawers Wanted

    I am In the progress of an animation and I'm Looking for people who can create PNG drawings.
  2. Inivlog

    Vlog Far-distance collab with some crispy VFX!!

    Hi there! I run a channel by the name Inivlog and I like to make videos with more complex visual effects and comedic assets. Everything from special effects and 3d motion graphics to animating and compositing. Examples are shown in the GIF below :D If someone's up for a long-distance...
  3. The_Laughing_Ghost

    Davinci or Blender

    So I have been using blender to edit videos from the beginning, but I have seen a few videos about davinci and it looks cool If you have used both which is better. What was easier to learn. I picked up Blender pretty quick but I like the interface of Davinci.
  4. ggdeeofficial

    Free Alternative to Adobe After Effects?

    So I've had experience with AE before and would like a FREE alternative to it? I want to make intros with effects but not willing to spend 30$ a month for a while CC that I don't use. (i currently edit with premiere elements and have photoshop cc for just 9$/month). I am restarting my youtube...
  5. T

    Request Can anybody make me a professional profile icon and intro for youtube!

    I need professional looking icon and intro to help my youtube channel. My channel is called Ts7 and I do star wars battlefront vids + other random games (take this into consideration). I have about 25 subs and I have been doing yt a week now. I would like a smooth intro and a cool icon with the...
  6. FraYoshi

    Live workin' on an animation

    It is a very low resolution live and without audio because of my internet speed.. But hope you come visitin' me sometime... I'll have a long work session ^^