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  1. I

    Gaming Looking For New People To Play With

    Hello my name is Kenomenon Im looking for some people to hang with us and have a vanoss style of playing also, I'm 15 and im looking for 14+ age group but no older than 17, I do YouTube and one day hope to reach 1 thousand subs, I have one other friend named RNF123 and we are looking for...
  2. Elijah Gray

    Gaming Looking For funny youtubers thats down with making funny ghost recon blackops3 rainbowsixsiege vids

    ADD me on xbox one Hiiipowerr3 if your down
  3. soldatcat

    Gaming looking for people to play ps4 with

    Hi, I usually play Overwatch, Black ops 3, the last of us and I just got into tomb raider :) I also play cod aw cod ghosts and GTA v but I lost my copy and should probably find it XD You have to be 13-15 as I am turning 15 soon and would prefer people around my age :P my instagrams Soldatcat DM...
  4. JayyDaGawd


    Hey everyone! Today i have a new video for you guys and would love for everyone to check it out :) In the video, i tell a story about my brother running me over when he was on a bike on thanksgiving day! Thanks for watching!!! Any feedback is appreciated!
  5. JayyDaGawd


    Hey everyone! Today, i have a brand new video out on my channel and in the video i describe my story about my first ice hockey game. It's pretty funny and entertaining all together hope you all enjoy the video! If you enjoyed please drop a like and if you are new don't forget to check out my...
  6. sequan123


    Hey guys suggestion on music that i need to use on my next video check out my channel and give me some suggestions on music
  7. TastyGamers

    #1 KN-44 slaying - Black Ops 3 - Road To Diamond Camo for Assault Rifles

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 series about the road to diamond camo for all assault rifles. This is a fun journey to unlock all gold camos for assault rifles and finally archive that epic diamond camos for all of the BO3 assault rifles. Get in touch with us: Twitter: