black ops

  1. DmsqOTI

    Black Ops 4: Easy Headshot Camo guide!

    Hi everyone, this is my first video ever and I'd love if you could check it out and give me some feedback on it! If you enjoyed it and want to see more from me please subscribe! I'll sub anyone back and share the love :)
  2. Forrz

    Gaming Black Ops 2 Xbox Collab

    Hey y'all I want to record Black Ops 2 with ppl soon add me on Discord my Discord is Forr_z#0795 my Xbox Gamertag is ForrzPlayz hit me up to play and record together
  3. Mcdreamified

    Gaming Gamer Girl (Xbox One/PC) Looking For Any Other Guys or Gals To Play With

    Preferably age 16+ I play Black Ops 3 on the daily I also play Infinite Warfare, MWR, Fallout 4, Black Ops 1, and tryna get GTA V at the moment I do also play Minecraft and various Steam games as well Serious inquiries only, please Thanks bros
  4. Sam_GamingPixel

    Gaming Pc Collab

    Hey guys, Gaming Pixel here i am a 15 year old youtuber from scotland and would love to collab with someone to collab with on PC! games i would like to collab on are minecraft(modded only), COD BO3, Europa Universalis and possibly more! if any of this interests you please leave a reply with your...
  5. Artekis

    Gaming Looking for Xbox One or Pc Collaboration!!

    I am an 18-year-old female looking for new friends to collab with and possibly become friends with! Looking for people over the age of 16 with an Xbox one or PC You don't need to have a super great mic or headset or camera because I sure don't. I have a gaming...
  6. Ballistic


    Want to see what I like about cod 4 remastered?
  7. BennermanPR

    Gaming Recruitment for BO3- CPWW Clan and recording group

    Hey! Me and my friends are recruiting for our clan CPWW. We arent an elite Optic gaming clan or anything like that, but if your looking for a good group of Call of Duty players to be serious and then funny at times we are your guys. We are all around the age of 15-17 years old (we dont act like...
  8. 42Blazing

    Gaming DANK PS4 COLLAB GROUP (Overwatch,Doom,And More)

    Hello m9's looking for fun and funny people for a ps4 collaboration group. We will play games such as Overwatch, Doom, Black Ops 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto V, Cory In The House Simulator, and much more. Only requirement is to be DANK. PSN: jake_0227 Youtube: 42blazing Skype...
  9. DZaw

    3v4 Uplink Arena Solo queue

  10. Nathan Greaves

    18+ Roller Boogie Prawn Experience

    Hey guys weve been recently doing games of B03 zombies and attempting to get past round 100, could you have a look and maybe comment what you think we could do better/are doing well. etc All the best Nathan
  11. MenAce

    Should I Stop?

    Hello Everyone I'm MenAce (Nickname) I Just Started A YouTube Channel and I Have Been Struggling To Find Subscribers What Should I Do. Can Anyone Help
  12. Michael Copeland

    Gaming People to play Black Ops and Other Games

    I just recently bought Call of Duty Black Ops on PlayStation 3 recently and I am looking for people play free for all and zombies and other hame modes. Here are some requirement: - Age: 18+ - Dosent take things seriously (especially in Black Ops) - Have a PlayStation 3. - Have Skype If...
  13. wallyboy

    Review my new video?

    im testing some new editing skils plz see if its good or not?
  14. I

    Request [Free] Need Help Creating A Banner

    Hey guys, Just started out YouTube and have 46 subscribers. I still haven't got a custom channel URL but my channel name is UDDINI.I upload BlackOps 3 videos, challenges and social videos (for example, baiting out people on Instagram)is one of the social videos. I haven't got a very...
  15. SonicR360

    AWESOME INSANE New Gameplay Area 51 Black Ops Survival

    Hi Guys Hope you are well? This is a LONG video. So I will warn you now! The challenge ... survive and get high kills! It was tough but I enjoyed it. Please feel free to watch it. Any feedback / comments or thumbs up is always apprecaited. Thanks, Simon
  16. SemiGodGaming

    GTA 5, Black Ops 3 Video Suggestions

    Hey whats up guys!!! So i've been making videos for my youtube channel (Obviously why would I be here if I didn't) And I have been struggling on video ideas for Grand Theft Auto 5 And Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and i'm playing/recording on the PS4 and I just have no video ideas for GTA 5 even...
  17. VoidTranceYT

    Gaming PS4 Black Ops 3 Looking for YTbers to collab with!

    My channel is focused around, Best Class Setups, Live Gameplays, Challenge Videos and Supply Drop Videos. I am looking for some new people on PS4 to play with as well as find some small YouTubers to collab with. I have 37 Subs so far and an average of 50-60 views a video. Thanks!
  18. asmoK

    "THE MIGHTY WRAITH" 42-5 - Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 MULTIPLAYER PS4 GAMEPLAY w/ asmoK

    First of all, Merry Christmass and thank you for checking out my video. I want to share with you my best gameplay SO FAR in Black ops 3 on the Console :D !
  19. Shigs

    Hit 30 Subs after 2 videos, 1K views

    Hit 1K views after 7 videos, hit 30 subs after 2 videos, and almost at 40 within 2 weeks :) The Shiglets will become a mighty Kingdom! lol
  20. H

    Gaming Looking For Zombies/BO3 Youtubers!

    I am a PS4 Youtuber, posting black ops 3 videos, and at around 1k subs! Looking for some YouTubers with a decent sub count, if interested tweet me @nemesis_designs
  21. SeaBear Plays

    Gaming Funny Moments Crew

    I would like to start a Funny Moments Crew with my friend so we have more of a group together! Games we play are Left 4 Dead 2, Csgo, Black Ops 3, CoD WaW, and some more! Just reply here with your skype and steam username if interested :) Ok thanks for your time.
  22. Mupsin

    Gaming Looking To Colab on Black Ops 3 Xbox One (2.5KChannel)

    Hello you awesome people full of all kinds of awesomeness, I really getting into Black Ops 3 but im looking for a few awesome people to colab with or maybe just even play, I would love to colab by either playing online, challenging each other, funny moments and maybe even zombies, So if this...
  23. Branden Morales


    Hey guys, So recently i picked up the game during launch! I'm just looking for friends to play with on PSN! If you have a playstation add me! xSil3ntGiantx! I'll be making videos about the game! Also leave your opinion about the game so far! I would love to hear what you guys think!