black ops 4

  1. LCGaming


    What going on guys it's Jordan and I am currently taking a break from outlast and will resume that next week when I am in a more comfortable setup, but until then I have some black ops 4 gameplay that you should go check out. Hope you guys Enjoy!!!
  2. IFGamingYT

    Gaming Ps4 Black Ops 4 Collaboration

    Hi I'm Izzy from Insane Freaky Gaming and i want to thank you for taking the time to view my request. I'm 18 with 500 subs and would love to do some collabs with fellow youtubers in the community. Currently i specialize at creating montages for lots of games, but am focusing on Bo4 at the...
  3. Shadess

    Gaming (PC) Looking for people to collab with for YouTube/Twitch

    My name is Ethan (Shades), I am 18 years old and live in the UK. I have recently been streaming my gameplay to Twitch and I am going to try and upload some of the gamplay to YouTube. I used to be fairly active on both platforms, but haven't been recently as I had to part with my PS4. Now I have...
  4. LCGaming

    Black Ops 4 || Race To Diamond

    Hey guys hope you enjoy our episode 2 of Race To Diamond we are also starting a horror game series and Garrett will be playing Resident Evil 7, which will be fun to watch because neither of us like scary games in the slightest. So keep an eye out for that series. I don't know what scary game I...
  5. LCGaming

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 || Race To Diamond (Tactical Rifles)

    What's up y'all we would just like to take the time to ask you guys to go check out our Race to Diamond Black Ops 4 gameplay, it was really fun to make and we both enjoyed it no matter how rage inducing it was. So if you guys could go give our video a view that would be amazing and if you...
  6. Jolttix

    Gaming PC/Black Ops 4 Funny Moments

    Hi, I'm Jolttix (or Jace). I got Black Ops 4 a couple of weeks ago but don't have many friends that have it. I'm trying to get some people together just to screw around in multi-player, zombies, and blackout. I have one BO4 video on my channel if you're curious about the type of content I'm...
  7. TruVetCommando

    Black Out Win #3 - Road to " Not A Fluke" Achievement

    Black Out Win #3 - Road to " Not A Fluke" Achievement. This time we spawn in the barn. nice little match with a different type of win.
  8. B

    Gaming Black Ops 4 Funny Moments PC

    Hey I would like to create a epic group of friends to play black ops 4 and other games from time to time. requirements: decent mic discord(mine is Px Bakarainic#7619) funny 13 or above (im 14 btw)
  9. Stoner Gamer

    New Black Ops 4 Zombies

  10. Jolttix

    Gaming Funny People for Black Ops 4 on PC!

    I recently got Black Ops 4 on PC and I'm just trying to find some cool people to record with. I want to record multi-player, zombies, and Blackout so if anyone is interested either add me on discord or Discord - Jolttix#2264 - JolttixYT#1152
  11. Dupylo

    Gaming looking to collab,I got 2k subs

    Hi, Im looking for ppl to collab with, u gotta be 16+ sorry, Im 18, PS4, I will mostly be playing Black ops 4. must have a good mic My PSN is Dupylo, feel free to add me. PeAce!
  12. B

    Gaming black out pc beta group

    just looking for some mates to play with and upload some content together my cod account name is Bakarainic and my discord is Bakarainic#7619
  13. Jayden Garcia


  14. Jayden Garcia


    MY FIRST WIN ON #BLACKOUT WAS INSANE! Check it out and subscribe! :)


    SO I managed to get some gameplay done for #InfiniteWarfareZombies (sneaky little # right there ;3) and I had loads of fun! I actually play it a little less than I used to but if you guys want more it can be arranged! Thanks to anyone who watches btw!
  16. RaPiiDHD

    MASSIVE Supply Drops Opening!!!