1. O

    Gaming PS4 GAMING CREW (Laid Back)

    I look to collaborate with people on PS4 WHO PLAYS ( R6S,BF4,FORTNITE,D2,2K18) . I can also want to collaborate with people Funny, Witty and Laid Back. Have Fun PSN - XxBeast_BoiiXx
  2. PrimeSyndicate


  3. BearlyFit

    Gaming PC Gamer collab and perm group

    Hey whats going on guys and girls? My name is BearlyFit or just Bear and today i come to you in search of some amazing people who want to be apart of a collab group. I already have the group established but we are looking for memebers who are active frequently and casn play for prolonged periods...
  4. Onister Gaming

    Video Ideas!

    Can you tell me what you thought of the ideas i put out there!
  5. Onister Gaming

    Got My Voice Back!

    Can you leave some feed back on what upcoming Fps games you want to see and tell me if you liked the video!
  6. Formal Fox Productions

    Battlefield 4 Moments | #1

  7. B

    Gaming Looking for collabs/creating a gaming crew!

    hey guys, i've just started youtube and I'm looking for collabs and even starting a new gaming crew.. I have ps4, xbox one and pc. Games on ps4: gta v, fifa 16, rocket league, bf4 Games on xbox one: nhl16, gta v Games on pc: heroes of the storm, fsx se Age preferably 18+ Looking forward to...
  8. DemendraHD

    Wannabe Hacker on Xbox Live