1. Scooter

    Gaming Starting a small gaming group!

    Hello! As of now, im looking for more people to play with! Any age as long as you upload good content. I mainly play: Minecraft TF2 BF1 Borderlands 2 CS:GO Overwatch Check out my channel if you want, i have an old channel of 132 subs and started fresh. Discord: Scooty#2672 Hmu if your...
  2. Brendan Z.

    Gaming BF1 PC Channel and Collab!!

    Hey guys! Check out my channel-DogTagFanatic- and subscribe for some more awesome content. I am currently looking for someone to play in my BF1 squad, so if you are interested reply to me!
  3. MajesticBox

    Battlefield 1 Gameplay - MLG Campers, Planes Crashing

    Battlefield 1 Gameplay - MLG Campers, Planes Crashing Today In battlefield 1 gameplay I plays as the support class, there are a bunch of campers and a lot of planes crashing everywhere. Hope you enjoy the battlefield 1 video. If you enjoyed the video check out my channel and subscribe for more.
  4. DannsArmy

    Gaming PS4 Battlefield 1 Collab

    I'm looking for anyone interested in a collab playing BF1 on PS4. I'm 21 and have 261 subs. I don't mind how many subs you have as long as we can have fun playing and communicate during games.
  5. Z

    Gaming Xbox One Collabs!!

    Looking for easy going gamers on Xbox that don't take themselves too seriously to play games with!! So as to not offend people that maybe don't like my rather regular swearing and stuff, I will probably say that 17+ is a restriction, but other than that, and working around time zones (at the...
  6. Mello Fello's


    So far many people over in the trenches have expressed their opinions about the battlepack system. I finally felt, after so much time, that it is now my turn to tell you the pros and cons of the battlepacks. So I hope you enjoy and if you have any other opinions or overall criticism let me know...
  7. TheRealSwizzHD

    Gaming Looking to make funny/trolling in BF1 and CSGO vids.

    Hey everyone, Requirements: Im looking for a group of serious youtubers to get on and record witha few times a week. Necessities: - A good mic and recording software - be over 16 (age) - Have made enough videos (at least 15) to show that you are experieced in editting etc. Ideally: - Have...
  8. C

    Gaming Looking for PS4 collab on BF1

    Anyone can join as long as they r older than 13 and have a good mic
  9. Mello Fello's

    My Best Work Yet: Battlefield 1 Kolibri Only Challenge

    Ok fellow YTtalkers, this video here is one that I put my all into it. Well I put in everything I am currently knowledgeable on now. So I really would love for all you to engage and give me all the feedback possible. I think I might revolve my channel around this theme, well my side of the...
  10. Snake delta

    Battlefield 1 objective gamplay getting flags with a shotgun

    hi there this was recorded of a couple of rounds of the first three hours of multiplayer on conquest monte grappa map getting the flags and playing the objective
  11. Kemono

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer, Check it!

    Check out my review and overall gameplay of Battlefield 1!
  12. GarciasWorld

    Do You Own a Man Child? - Battlefield 1 Beta Gameplay

    Man Child Matt here! I made a two funny videos surrounding Battlefield 1 - Beta (soon to be three funny Videos). I am preparing for Battlefield 1 when it comes out next month. I am sure there are others out there preparing as well! Does anyone else have any fun videos surrounding Battlefield...
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