1. ohzana


    Please let me know what you guys think! <3
  2. itsaquagemini

    Have you heard of ArtSnacks?

    If not, it's totally awesome! It's a subscription art box and the stuff you get is pretty sweet. I have a video for one of them up on my channel if you're interested :D I encourage any artist whether beginner or expert to check them out:
  3. Christian's Crazy Life

    Can I use an instrumental version of song in my video?

    I'm currently editing a video about my Beyonce concert experience. I want to use the instrumental version of her song, "Formation", in the video. Is that considered copyright? I already have one strike on my channel (from a previous lyric video... bad idea.) and I would like to avoid getting...
  4. JayJay Kennedy

    I SAW BEYONCE!!!!!!

    My Beyonce Vlog is final up !! Get in FORMATION and check it out! :dance:
  5. Seano1

    Lip Sync Battle Tatum Takeover Reation!

    My brother and I react to the the Lip Sync Battle Tatum Takeover and we may have had a few glasses of wine before hand... We have problems :happy: Enjoy!