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  1. D

    Massive drop in views on kid channels

    Does anyone know what happened on July, 11? Some channels got twice more traffic like supersimplesongs, mothergooseclub, littlebabybum and some lost half the traffic like appmink, cocomelon and to this day nothing changed. Some new algorithm change?
  2. FraYoshi

    Dark theme: do You like It?

    :wavespin: Hii!! :wavespin: Recently I activated this "Dark theme" (a couple minutes ago) and I'm really enjoying It!! Do You like It too? It's part of the beta interface :3
  3. GarciasWorld

    Do You Own a Man Child? - Battlefield 1 Beta Gameplay

    Man Child Matt here! I made a two funny videos surrounding Battlefield 1 - Beta (soon to be three funny Videos). I am preparing for Battlefield 1 when it comes out next month. I am sure there are others out there preparing as well! Does anyone else have any fun videos surrounding Battlefield...
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