beauty and lifestyle

  1. Courtney Candice

    How to get rid of acne

    How to get rid of acne using drug store products, I use to have acne until I started using the products mentioned in the video. before I discovered these products I tried so many different brands and none of them really worked I eaither had a bad reaction to other acne products or they just...
  2. joeglimpse

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty Video App Collaborates

    Hello Beauty YT-ers, Glimpse is a beauty video platform and we're looking for some beauty youtubers who love to co-create a video platform for beauty together. We would like to invite beta testers to shape a beauty video community together, just for beauty lovers. In the App, you could swatch...
  3. ohzana

    Turn Black, Thick Brows Any Color! (Cosplay, etc.)

    This is how I change my brow color for cosplays! I think it could also work well for anyone doing an eccentric stage play, or some sort of silly skit where you need to play a certain character!
  4. MadySan

    Wide Range Content?

    Hello! I created my channel for nail art videos but now I started uploading beauty related, lifestyle, comedy videos plus sometimes I post daily vlogs. Is my content range too wide for people to subscribe because they might not know what to expect frim me? Should I limit my channel to only one...
  5. Christina Lado

    New Youtuber: Channel Feedback/Advice/Criticism

    Hey guys! I have been on YouTube for a little over 2 months now and have 555 subscribers. I would love it if anyone would be kind enough to check out my channel and give me some pointers. I had no clue what I was doing starting this and have been learning as I go. I am not sensitive so let me...
  6. Bella Holahan

    Beauty/Makeup Making A Group Collab

    Hey. So I was wondering about making a collab group with a few people. Let me know if you want to do it. I feel like this would be a great way for me to get to know some of you and have fun. plz LMK -Also I know my link doesn't work but my channel name is Bella Holahan