1. Brito21

    Its litty! Battlefield 1 multiplayer!

    In this video I jump on some xbox one and put in work on Battlefield 1 gameplay multiplayer. Enjoy the commentary and see me light people up with the sniper. It was a lit game even though i was rusty. Mexican kid playing this battlefield 1 was tricky because all these kids take these games so...
  2. K00KIE01

    Gaming Xbox / PC gaming collab

    REQUIREMENTS -age 16+ -more than at least 150+ subs\ -play well with others isnt a total nob head -plays either of the two xbox one or pc either will do. -Be sure to check if you enjoy the content i make and are willing to collab in that kinda genre. If you believe you meet those requirements...
  3. Brian Benedict

    BF1 DLC Info & More

    hey guys, quick video i made regarding the upcoming DLC for BF. Please let me know what you think.
  4. MajesticBox

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - Funny Moments, Glitch

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Gameplay - Funny Moments, Glitch In battlefield 1 there is so much crazy stuff going on in the multiplayer gameplay.
  5. Kemono

    Battlefield 1 Multiplayer, Check it!

    Check out my review and overall gameplay of Battlefield 1!