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  1. LuxTakes


    Hi guys I’m new to the youtube and I’m very interested in finding a youtube partner!!!!!! Also want to let you guys know incase any of you want to subscribe!!
  2. WillB

    Commentary Sports Commentary/ Discussion Group

    So, I'm here because I'm building a small group of basketball fans that want to really get their ideas and opinions out there. For years, I've had this idea, a seed planted in my mind, that I wanted to build a team of fans of the sport that want to get their words out to others, kind of like a...
  3. Jukes of Hazard

    Which point of view do you like better?

    I play sports with my GoPro Hero 5 black. I am wondering if the footage is easy to follow given the first person view or if I should shoot more videos from a different perspective, One thing that makes the first person video's unique is that it gives you a little insight into what I see...