1. Berkeli

    Issues With OBS and choppy recordings.

    Hello all, I'm kinda new here and already finding some great tips for a beginner. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction with recording issues I've been having. My laptop specs: Aorus X7 v2 (i7-6820hk, gtx 1070, 20gb RAM, 512 GB m.2 ssd) Now I love OBS and used to record...
  2. Aldro

    Screen Capture Software for low-end Laptop

    Please is there any good screen capture software for low-end laptops. I want to start making playthroughs for pc games but my laptop lags whenever i play minecraft and record at the same time. My specs: CPU - AMD E2 1800 / 1.7 GHz RAM - 4GB HDD - 80GB Graphics Processor - AMD Radeon HD 7340...
  3. C

    Anyone know good OBS settings for live streaming?

    Hi, I need help with live streaming. what are the best OBS settings for live streaming games? i mainly play and but i also play mine craft and some steam games. My pc specs are: Gtx 970, Intel i5 6400, 8gb ram, and a dual band WiFi card. i have been asking people this...
  4. DisStalker

    Bandicam help

    I got bandicam to record games, and it works great. The only problem is that when I tried to record Turmoil, it split the file into a lot of pieces. Whenever I was in town and went to play it would cut it or when I went to buy land and then go back to town it would also cut it. I am scared to...