back to school

  1. CKid

    MUST HAVE Budget Back To School Tech!!!

  2. Mr Danny

    Back To School Extravaganza

    Are YOU *points finger* going back to school? Yes? No? Who cares! Just watch this video.
  3. Meredith Bryan

    Back to school haul!!

    Check out my latest video! If you like it, be sure to subscribe! :)
  4. piaiscool

    Please review? :D

    Hey there! I just uploaded a new video and I was wondering you can watch it and review it for me! Video is about 5 THINGS THAT CAN HELP YOU SURVIVE SCHOOL I don't feel as content with this video compared to my other ones, so I really want to hear some thoughts! Review me on the following: Is my...
  5. Doe

    Beauty/Makeup Back to school collab anyone?

    Would anyone be interested in doing a back to school collab with me? I wanted to do a dress code appropriate lookbook (or if you're more of a makeup channel I would do the lookbook and you could do a b2s makeup look). I was planning on uploading it on the 17th.
  6. magnamious

    Back To School: Expectations vs. Reality

    Because school is starting back up again soon, a friend and I made a video about expectations and reality about going back to school. I find these things to be really true so that's why I wanted to make a video to share these thoughts with you guys! So please tell me if you like these types of...