1. Sony1210

    Glowing Baby!

  2. Sony1210

    Glowing Baby!

  3. Sony1210

    What My Toddler Eats in a Day!

  4. D

    IVF & Raising awareness for miscarriage and family channel

    Hi there, Myself and my husband have had many years of IVF and although successful on 3 occasions have sadly resulted in miscarriages. Soon we are to start a new ivf journey. We wish to create a YOUTUBE channel to put our story out there. Share our new IVF journey and share a charity that we...
  5. Matthew Lissoway

    Imade a 2 min grocery rocket ship

    Haha, My little baby girl is in the rocket ship in this video!:bounce: Her first time ever going to TNT supermarket:cloud9:!!!! Check it out u guys it's only 2min!
  6. Eve Hemingway

    DAY IN THE LIFE of a 10 month old (funny)

    for the first time ever, I posted 2 days in a row because I just couldnt resist this video. He is so funny
  7. SGandbabyP

    Family/Baby Channel First Video Ideas

    Hi! I am looking into starting a channel about myself and my daughter Penelope who is 6 months old. I plan on doing DIY videos, vlogs, baby informative videos, room tours, stuff like that. Kind of like Bramty Juliette, OKbaby and other family youtube channels. I am just REALLY struggling with...
  8. MaryCrockett

    Funny Poop Emoji

    Make sure you watch all the way threw to see the funny poop emoji. Daniel did it. He pooped a penny.. Subscribe to our channel
  9. MaryCrockett

    Baby Swallowed What??

    I can not believe our day. Thank you for watching and subscribe to our channel
  10. T

    Vlog Feedback We would love your guys' feedback on our new vlogging channel! :)
  11. Mauricio

    Duel with my baby

    Nobody respects me as a deatheater. Then i come home to my baby not respecting me either. oooooo hellll no
  12. Mauricio

    What dads think when alone with a baby

    Fun times being a dad even better when i have no one to help me lol.
  13. Mauricio

    baby kairi reviews a new toy

    Kairi loves her new toy and i am happy her great grandma bought it for her
  14. Hi im Buk Lau

    My outro

    Hello guys! I'm new here so sorry if I posted in the wrong section. but I wanted some reviews about my outro. this is my first outro ever made ^^ so dont expect the most beautiful outro :) watch?v=kTFjNCwwJXM& Thanks! ♥
  15. Stoobs

    MAN VS BABY .. Baby food eating challenge!

    Pretty cute video, let me know what you think!