1. MrYorkiesWorld

    How To Remove Noise From Audio In Audacity | Clean Up Audio Using Audacity

    Hi Guys, In this video, I'll show you how to remove noise from your audio recordings using Audacity. Audacity is a great free tool for editing and optimizing music and audio recordings from microphones. It allows you to improve voice quality, remove unwanted noise and record new audio all in...
  2. MrYorkiesWorld

    Achieving the same audio volume in all videos using Audacity?

    Hi guys, I have a small question regarding Audacity here, and I've been searching the web desperately trying to find a simple, easy to follow guide that can help me achieve what I'm looking for. When I record a commentary in Premiere Pro, I then export the audio file to Audacity for cleaning...
  3. TheLegendaryUltimata

    Best advice for upcoming YouTubers

    Hey, Guys! It has been a while since I posted or uploaded a video for that matter. Mostly because the PC I was using to record broke and I just have got to fix it. I thought I would share some tip on how to make better content on YouTube. Lightworks: Lightworks is a free editing software that...
  4. Kush Patel

    Need Help with Audio Recording (Urgent)

    So me and a few friends have started a podcast more for the fun of it since we really enjoy what we are doing, but we need a good way to record the audio. So right now, we use discord since it has some of the best voice calling right now, and audacity to record. Problem is that by using audacity...
  5. Jelfie

    I need help with my - Rode NT-USB mic!

    So i've just received my brand new microphone, that i've already downloaded Audacity the software that is easy to use for sound editing / Deleting background noice. I'm on a Macbook pro 2015 version, and when i finally go to / System preferences, sound, and there i see the name of the...
  6. zaiful

    Tools to Record Music with Audacity

    one software tool "Audacity" is very suitable for our use royalty free music, which can not be downloaded. Maybe some people no one knows about this software. You can search on google :D
  7. CavemanApocalypse

    The Closest and Best Way To Sync AUDIO

    The BIGGEST FEAR of Editing (At Least For Me) Hello everyone! So if you're reading this, I'm guessing that you are having problems with syncing your audio up with your video. Well, if that's the case, then you're reading to right article! I used to have the problem with syncing my audio and...
  8. hj154

    Audacity / Blue Yeti Mic Settings and Positioning

    Hello! I use Audacity to record my audio and a Blue Yeti mic. --- I was wondering where the gain should be on the Blue Yeti (1 o'clock, 3 o'clock, etc...). ---A good distance to speak from the mic ---I am also trying to find an Audacity chain that works and sounds good in my videos. I am looking...
  9. Lizzeelive

    I need help!

    my voice is naturally really quiet, and sometimes I forget to make it louder when I am recording my voice in Audacity and it gets too quiet to hear. Is there any way, other than being loud, to fix this? I have tried turning the volume of my voice up in editing, but some parts are still too quiet...
  10. Bow2WildChicken

    Mic recording inssues! Please help!

    Hey guys. I am having the biggest issue with my mic. Its a condenser mic, and when i record, its also picking up my computer sounds. I dont have speakers, and my headset isnt loud enough. It is effected by the volume, and i know it happens in audacity. As you can guess, as a lets play youtuber...
  11. Sinser

    Channel and Audio Review

    Hey guys I was gonna ask you to review my channel and my audio in the link below because for some reason audacity makes some clips loud and then some are soft and I would love if someone could explain why this happens and how I can fix it. All review are appreciated :) and so would any advice or...
  12. Janzen

    (PS4) OBS + Audacity ≠ Synced audio

    Start PS4 + Game Start recording with OBS (Push 2 Talk) Start recording with Audacity Loudly say "MARK" to mark a point to sync Audacity with OBS in vegas. Falls out of sync gradually. Why?
  13. Dweros

    Audio feedback

    We changed up how we record our audio. I was hoping to get some feed back on it. Feel free to chime in on anything else as well but mainly concerned with the audio. Be gentle, thanks :)
  14. SimpleSam

    How to Record Audio Like a Pro

    Wanna have the best audio on planet earth? Welp you came to the right place!! SUBSCRIBE FOR THE GIVEAWAY AT 500!!