1. Fox Beat

    What kind of slideshow video should i made?

    Dear you guy's I have a question like mentioned on this thread title, can you help me please?! Somebody tell me that a photo slide video is also a great choice for a beginner. But I'm confused, what kind of photo slide / slideshow video should I made? Please leave a comment below. Thanks for...
  2. MrWils

    Q and A questions needed!

    Please send me some questions on my tumblr! Tumblr: Thanks in advance! ~MrWils
  3. I

    Send fun and weird questions in! FREE S/O

    I've been doing YouTube for a long time, and I still have not done a Q&A! I will begin the Q&A once I have a fair amount of questions (15-20)! I beg you all to help. Besides being featured in my video, you will get a free shoutout! I also ask to view my YouTube videos. I put so much effort into...
  4. LifeAsJenny

    Be on LifeAsJenny Q&A Video!

    I'm looking to do my first question and answer video! You can leave any question on here if not Facebook, and Twitter. I'll be screen capturing the questions and have them appear on the video with what ever social network you chose to use with the question. I'm looking forward to some awesome...
  5. Andrio


    Hi there person! I'm almost at 150 subs!!!! I'm doing a q&a right now so please ask me some questions for me to answer and you'll even be in the video! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!