1. Clarissa O. & Emily G.

    Short Film Short film and beauty communities collide

    Hello everyone! :) Our channel contains a lot of beauty and life related videos, but I don't think that should stop you from collabortating with us! (Yes, I realize I'm in the short film section :P). I've always had the idea of collaborating with someone who wants to bring a funny side to the...
  2. itsaquagemini

    Have you heard of ArtSnacks?

    If not, it's totally awesome! It's a subscription art box and the stuff you get is pretty sweet. I have a video for one of them up on my channel if you're interested :D I encourage any artist whether beginner or expert to check them out:
  3. ChicTomboy

    Check Out This Wonderful Indie Game | The Way of Life

    If you want to have some feels, this is your type of game.