1. SeanFace101

    A Large Pleco Catfish

    A Big Pleco Catfish I am not sure what the exact species of this Pleco / Catfish..
  2. SeanFace101

    New Born Sailfin Molly Fry

    Have a look at my 5 little black Sailfin Molly Fry. These were just born through the night before the recording of this vide.
  3. SeanFace101

    Ramshorn Snails Eating Bloodworms

    My Ramshorn Snails Having Lunch.. Check out my Ramshorn Snails eating away at their Bloodworm lunch! I'v had these snails for a good while. I started with 3 of the bigger ones then after their breeding I ended up with many more. In this video you will get a little quick look at my Red...
  4. SeanFace101

    My Tropical Fish: Blue Crown Tail Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish)

    This is a video of my Blue Crown Tail Betta, also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish. Love this fish, its awesome!
  5. SeanFace101

    My new very young Albino Cory (Corydoras) Catfish

    These are three short little videos of my new acquired Albino Cory (Corydoras) Catfish. As you can see in the videos, they are very young and have a lot of growing to do. What do you all think?