1. T

    Apple Card Need help what I need to improve on

    Apple Card is Finally Here ! Hey guys, just wanted some feedback on the quality of the video on what I need to improve on. thanks a lot !
  2. OndaWire

    iPhone headphone jack is BACK!

    If you miss your iPhone headphone jack, THIS WILL BRING YOU HAPPINESS! Check it out here: This review is on the USAMS AU06 Lightning to 3.5mm ring holder iPhone Adapter. I saw this USAMS adapter and had to buy it and do a review! Just like every product I review, I tested...
  3. OndaWire

    Goodbye Windows PC -2018 says Hello Macbook Pro

    Follow me on Facebook or YouTube at "OndaWire" for more crazi-NESS! This is not a review but a goodbye! I've switched over to Apple Macbook Pro and Final Cut Pro X for video editing. I've used Windows all of my life and loved my Lenovo Yoga 910 signature series Windows laptop BUT the Apple...
  4. Bossk's Bounty

    New Hardware & Software for editing videos.

    Hey everyone, So, at the moment I record all my videos on an iphone 6s then edit them using Shotcut on a 4 yr old Sony Vaio Laptop. I do like Shotcut but my laptop just cant cope, its so slow and gets very hot with the fans goinf mental trying to cool it down. So, after speaking to a few...
  5. TechFit360

    My Apple HomePod has Arrived

  6. U

    High Sierra Upgrade First Impressions of New Apple MacOS

    In this video I show you my first impressions of Apple's New MacOs High Sierra which I have been using for a few weeks now. If your considering updating from Sierra to High Sierra you find this useful. I share my experience of the High Sierra Boot time, observations of Quicktime and first...
  7. TechFit360

    Should You Buy The iPhone X ?

    I have been enjoying the iPhone X since day one. I find that I use the 4k 60fps Camera for videos a WHOLE Lot. Check out my latest video and don't forget to subscribe to the Techfit360 YouTube Channel!! Thanks
  8. U

    Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones Review

    In this video I’ll show you the beats solo3 wireless headphone review & unboxing. The headphones offer award winning sound, portable, durable design with extendable and flexible headband, pivoting on-ear ear cups and noise isolation. These beats solo3 wireless headphones are enhanced for use...
  9. U

    Upgrade MacBook storage the easy way. BaseQi Micro SD Adapter Review

    BaseQi Aluminium Micro SD Adapter for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air 13 inch helps you Expand disk space on your laptop. I take a look at the cheapest way of adding storage to your Apple MacBook with the BaseQi microSD card adapter. Also available for Microsoft SurfaceBook, Lenovo Yoga 900...
  10. Rolz

    2017 iPad Pro 9.7" + Smart Keyboard unobxing

    Hey guys, so yes I do do things other than anime. I also cover tech, it is a passion of mine! If you look back on my channel you'll see some tech unboxings :) There will be more to come! It's a simple video - literally just me unboxing it with some cool background music :P if you do enjoy it...
  11. F

    Other Collaboration for a Tech Video

    Hey guys , i am growing on youtube and i want to make a collaboration video with someone who is interested in Tech or gaming for a collab of some sort. Text me if you're interested. Open to all ideas ! If you'd like to look my channel then type this UCcK8TjJZUNraou4jurQwNcA after...
  12. Wowser Palooza

    New to vlogging! [enter vlog 2]

    I'm still new at this guys, please like, subscribe and comment. let me know what I'm doing wrong/right and what you want to see more of.
  13. GeoTechRyan

    Feedback on Recent Video

    Hi, Just looking for some feedback as i have been using iMovie for my most recent video and to me it seem better then my other video. What do people think? The wind noise is a problem which i am looking into changing.
  14. AlexGotBeats

    Traffic from Apple notes??

    Dear apple users can you explain this to me? :D I thought apple notes were for writing and drawing what does it have to do with youtube or even internet? How am i getting traffic from this?
  15. thejadonmayhew

    Introducing Prawn Cocktail Air..

    I have no words. I love this video, it's probably the best (in my opinion) one I've made to date.
  16. Epicurus

    Apple iPad Pro: unboxing and review - 32gb Wifi Gold

    Hi All, Latest unboxing video of Apple's new iPad Pro. This is the 32GB wifi version in gold. Thanks for watching John
  17. Moses Minchuk

    Tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    I just need help with my channel and need to know what are the weak spots in my channel.