1. SheepDreams

    Gaming Memers and gamers unite! Let us game among pc or ps4!

    Hello name's sheepy. One's a legend now a ghost channel but looking for some people who equally enjoy gaming to game with. On ps4 i got fortnite and far cry 5 and pc i got rocket league and pubg etc. Just let me know don't really matter your sub count or what not. Just have good spirits mate and...
  2. TheBeardedJ

    Meet Up/Gathering Need a team.

    I want to build a team of YouTubers that are around the UK, easy to meet and are willing to make regular videos from football challenges to gaming videos in any sort of games. Small to large YouTubers are all welcome. We can have a talk over Skype or meet up and build a beautiful friendship that...
  3. MinZenReiClar

    Gaming Looking For a PC collab

    I have a VERY small channel just as a forewarning. Looking for someone 16+ who can play anyone of these games: -Minecraft -Magicite -Brawlhalla -Roguelands -CS:GO -Smite -G-mod -Hero siege -The Hidden -Just Cause 2...