anime review

  1. R

    A review of The Flowers of Evil, an obscure 2013 anime show

    I reviewed a rather unusual anime show while hopping around in Skyrim.
  2. javacentral

    Who is the Coffee Samurai?

    This anime was a trip and here was my interpretation of it. Hope you hate it! Let me know what ya think of it.
  3. MudanTV

    Brutal honesty about my review channel

    Hey guys, I have been doing anime reviews for a while now and I would like some feedback, but like the feedbackiest feedback, nothing held back. I want to improve and knowing all my tiny faults would help a lot. So if you have anything to say about the sketches, the actual introduction...
  4. Anjim

    Do You Love Or Hate Berserk 2016 Series?

    Do you think the animation is bad in Berserk 2016 series
  5. MPEVA

    Japanese Anime Mania- Anime Reviews

    Hey everyone! Hunter here (1/2 of the Dynamic Duo) and apart from making Let's Plays, I also do anime reviews! Being a big part of my childhood and still today, I wanted to share my thoughts to others and give my two cents and opinions about certain shows. So without further ado, here is the...