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  1. AMX Gaming

    AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off

    Have you ever wanted to take a girls clothes off without getting in trouble? well, you came to the right place, watch as we take on more evil duers and strip them down as punishment in this Akiba's Trip gameplay AkibaStrip Undead & Undressed | Taking Her Clothes Off This suburban Tokyo ward's...
  2. AMX Gaming

    She's Moving Way Too Fast - Akiba's Strip: Undead And Undressed

    Welcome to Tuesdays with Senpai, today we begin our blind run of Akiba's Strip Undead and Undressed. An interesting game to say the least where we realize we were tricked in a job offering and we are now something known as a Synthister, a creature that is hurt by sunlight. Along the way we get...
  3. AMX Gaming

    She Wants Me | Sakura Magical Girls | Tuesdays With Senpai

    It's Tuesdays With Senpai and Sakura Magical Girls Is Back, the horrible voice acting returns with it as well, we meet a new girl that also wants to sucker us into helping her save the city from the ghostly spirits. An old friend return even better and sexier, seems she is willing to do whatever...
  4. AMX Gaming

    Sakura Magical Girls | Horrible Voice Acting | Tuesdays With Senpai

    Tuesdays With Sepia is back with Sakura Magical Girls: "Taichi’s in a rough spot in his life. In debt and without any other options, he ended up with a low paying cleaning job at a resort with a manager who won’t get off his back. He thought that it would be boring and uneventful… But then, two...
  5. AMX Gaming

    Latest Gal Gun Gameplay

    In this tuesdays with senpai, we continue with gal gun. In this gameplay we take on 6-2 and find out that we are very close to then end and even closer to helping out our friend that is possessed by a demon, many girls to please in this playthrough, we can't give up on our true love which might...