animator needed

  1. Eveyxo

    Request Need a Animated Intro for My Vids <3

    Hey! I'm looking for an animated intro for my videos, and I've already got the basic idea of what I want, I just suck at animating and stuff like that, haha! I need someone to create the intro for me. I will give credit to you if you agree to make it. Thanks! <3
  2. Jaise

    Animation "Apocrypha" A Not-So-Original Action Comedy Series

    4-7 ANIMATORS NEEDED: This series will require a lot of work and it will be made easier the more people get on board. Adding to this, 8/12 planned episodes will only have a month and eight days to complete. Source Filmmaker would most likely be the easiest to work with since models could simply...
  3. Raging Taurus

    Animation Looking for an animator for a YouTube series!

    I am needing an animator for a YouTube series I am working on, if you are interested message me on twitter.
  4. Mr. Fox

    Animation Animated collaboration for Horror Channel

    I'm looking to collab with somebody, on an animated horror video. I have a few ideas for and other video topics but I am open for suggestion. Check out my channel to see what kind of content I post & see if there would be a possibility for a collaboration. I have a horror telling channel, so i...
  5. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Animation Need help for animated series

    I am an animator and I like to think I am fairly decent at it. I just never have time to make anything because school and work. I am wanting someone to help me with animating it along with helping write and voice act but mainly animating. I have no definite plan but I do have a few ideas so what...
  6. Carlyle Dodd Animations

    Services Original Intro/Outro animations cheap

    I make original intro and outro animations for about $3-$5 (USD/per hour). I am not by any means a professional but, I can give your channel it's own personal flair. All the animations I make are completely original which means I don't just use a free template online and you will never need to...
  7. Rquerd

    Animation Looking for an animator

    Hello, I have an idea of writing a motivational speech while an animator creates the imagery to the speech. Please contact me if you are interested @Rquerd via twitter.