1. Anjim

    Don't Put Your Wishlist On Youtube And Other Channels Rant

    I can't stand doing this!
  2. obscurimity

    BuzzFeed: Why I HATE It and Use It Anyway

    Hope you enjoy, just a rant that shouldn't be taken seriously. All support is appreciated.
  3. WeegieMovies

    Hitler Finds Out About the Ghostbusters Reboot

    Poor old Hitler. He just wants to enjoy a new, original story. So how did he take it when he found out about the all - female Ghostbusters reboot? Not well... If you liked this video, please do me a massive favour and share it with a friend, it's so appreciated. Cheers, Lee
  4. MRBenji

    Gaming You Wonna Collab? Read this Sweet Thread

    Hi Y'all, as the days of joining this beautiful community have gone by (3 Days) my subs are slowly going up even though ive not put much content out I'm still thinking of news content to create that includes collabs, with anybody, male/female, any age above maybe 17. i can collabe with any game...