1. Lloydo

    Your Thoughts On A Vlog?

    Hey there folks, I am just dropping in a link to my new vlog that I posted a few hours ago. I'm simply looking ways to "Spice" things up a bit more. I feel like all I have at the moment is talking and driving haha. Any ideas for a new vlogger? Or at the very least any ideas on how to add a bit...
  2. terror569

    Amazing Switzerland trip 2016 with my GF and her class

    So I switched a little bit. Now I'm trying to make some vlogs! If anybody is gonna watch it, could I please, please recieve some feedback from you guys? If you like it or nah, what to improve etc. Thank you so much. Cheers, Terror
  3. ChaseAndFriends

    What is reviewing?

    So I obviously know what reviewing is. I came here looking for some channel reviews, but I have a question. What is actually considered reviewing? I saw that users are only supposed to ask for reviews once a week. Well does this transfer over to comments? I've seen many people offering to review...
  4. JustMonotone

    For Those With Little Motivation

    Hello guys! My name is JustMonotone. I know I have said this before but I will probably say it in my posts all the time. I am a high school student from San Antonio who is trying to have a fun time on YouTube and trying to express himself and meet new people. I know that it's hard starting out...
  5. Kane J Goodridge

    Doing a QnA! Please post questions! :)

    Hey! I just recently surpassed 100 subscribers (which I'm SUPER happy about!!) and I'm doing a QnA to celebrate! To ensure I get a lot of good questions, can you please post a legitimate question in this thread for me to answer on video? Thanks so much! :)