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  1. D

    Gaming Gaming Collabs (Minecraft PC, Among Us +)

    Hello everyone, I run a youtube channel with 4.22k subscribers, called Danzar! Here's a link: I'm looking for a youtuber/youtubers to collab with for pretty much anything, preferably gaming related! I average 500-2k+ views on my videos consistently and was hoping to find...
  2. S

    Gaming wanna collab with funny youtubers over 500 subs and over 15 years old.

    Hi guys I am sMj and I have almost 3K subs on my main YT channel which is all about Rainbow Six Siege compilation videos. I also created another YT channel and it has 50 subs now. I play games like Rainbow six siege, Apex Legends, Among Us, and other games of this type. ❌Since I live in IRAN I...
  3. S

    Gaming removed

  4. S

    Gaming Looking to play either Among Us or Minecraft

    Hello as the title suggests I'm looking for people to play Minecraft or Among Us, I don't have many requirements as I'm a small channel looking for a collab ( I literally have 18 subscribers) Requirments Have either Among Us or Minecraft Age 13-28 Flexible Schedule Have a discord or steam...
  5. The Kelloway Guy

    Gaming Looking to play Among Us, GMOD, Minecraft Java and Phasmophobia

    My YouTube channel Requirements. Age: 13-16 Have at least 20 subscribers Would be nice if you were in a GMT+__ timezone know how to edit If you meet these requirements email me at [] then message me on discord...
  6. firestonemander

    Gaming I am looking for a group of people to collaborate on fortnite,minecraft or Among us

    I am looking for a group of people to collaborate on Fortnite, Minecraft or Among us my discord name is firestonemander#3534 just message me here if you are inter rested
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